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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sat in sessions in the morning, talked with people about my poster (and about gradient paint) in the afternoon.Brian Curless apparently has something coming out at ECCV worth checking out.Gradient Paint seems to impress and confuse people (though different people are confused by different parts).
In the art gallery, I came across a cleverly cut sheet of steel:

Then came TCHOW logo-stuff.

Thanks to emerging technology (and the guts of an old printer), one can enjoy a TCHOW-branded cup of coffee, as pictured above -- though, unfortunately, they weren't actually allowing people to drink the coffee.So one could look at it, at least.

That's a lenticular print of the tchow logo (that is, a flat image with a lens sheet over it allowing for different views per-eye). Sort of very much like a zig-zag-folded piece of paper really.Upshot being that, in person, it's 3d. Which is nifty!
Finally, I made some TCHOW stickers, but those haven't printed yet.

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