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Sunday, December 2, 2012


In the past less-than-twenty-four hours, we -- @chrisamaphone, @xwjl, @1x, and @dwrensha -- worked together to create an album, which we present here, to you, in all its glory.

"Terrible Ideas ... and BEYOND: A Children's Story"

by Cumbersome Four Calipers

  1. Mystery Can
  2. Wafflespace
  3. Gravity Slide
  4. Break It Down (Build It Up)
  5. Reflections on How Far We've Come
  6. Lambrijolieo
  7. Backup Track (Dance)
  8. Space Chase
  9. The March of Progress
  10. Death (or: Vegetables)
  11. Lambrijolieo (Reprise)
  12. Home Again