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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last Suppers #8 (in 3D)

(Note: this post was written on the 27th, but I'm back-dating it to the 26th because that is when the meal described herein was consumed.)

Last Saturday, I ate at Journeyman. Last Monday, I ate at Journeyman. And I have plans to eat there on Friday. So, understandably, I decided to drop in on Wednesday to keep the alternation going.

Also, I wanted to do a post with pictures of food, and since my meal on Friday is with a group, it seemed a bit awkward. This Wednesday, on the other hand, afforded me the opportunity to go all out and take pictures with my digital camera, my 3DS, and my iPhone4. So not only do you get reasonably high-res images below, you also get stereo pairs!

Anyway, this was a confusing meal, as I attempted a-la-carte ordering, and ended up truncating my salad and soup through miscommunication. Also, the amuse-bouche went by so fast that I was unable to capture it on sensor. So the composition of the meal is atypical, but those dishes that did appear were in top form.

The Food

Black Cherry & Black Pepper Soda

Unfortunately, my 2D captures didn't come out. As you can tell by the noise level on the 3DS sensor, it's a low-light environment.

This soda has a serious burn to it. Great with the cheese course, mind you.

Clams and Oysters

One of the prettiest and tastiest dishes on the menu right now.

Foie Gras Ice Cream

I really can't get enough of this. The mushroom is a wonderful complement.


Also fantastic; nicely varied texture. No wonder it's in the Foie's slot on the vegetarian menu.


It's lamb. It's good, but I find myself enjoying the garnish more than the meat.

Shiro Plumb Sorbet

Still a perfect bite.


There's molasses in the custard, and the sauce is mole. This pairs really well with black pepper soda.


Generally presented in a pile; I like the mathematical layout!

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