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Friday, March 22, 2013

Rktcr: Beta2

Rktcr beta2 has been released to testers. Along with the improvements to path select mode and the additional costumes that I mentioned in my last post, this beta brings several changes (big and small) to rktcr.

I highlight the big visual changes below. One big change that isn't so easy to screenshot is that I've revised the controls. It used to be the case that one could either play with explicit time control (with keys to play/rewind) or with constantly-running time (with keys to adjust speed). Feedback from my testers (thanks folks!) indicates that nobody plays the second way; so I've removed continuously flowing time (I keep the keys, but now they adjust a speed multiplier for play/rewind). This means that -- for the first time ever -- you can rewind in slow motion; this is actually more useful than it would initially seem.

Memories Board

One of the most visible changes in this beta is the addition of the memories board. This notice board has scraps of paper posted for every cutscene you've seen, and allows you to re-watch them. It's not a core gameplay feature, but it's nice to have.

New Challenge Levels

I created four new medium-difficulty challenge levels "ledge", "bound", "levitate", and "checks." They aren't terribly devious, but they are certainly fun to figure out.

Gem Adjustments

Gems now draw in a sparkly way, have their final mineral names, and make a "ting" sound when picked up. Actually styling them based on their minerals remains for the next release.

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