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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rktcr Update: Path Select Mode and Drawing Things

Rktcr continues to progress, though somewhat slower than last week, as I've been spending a fair amount of time on SIGBOVIK submissions.

My focus this week has been path select mode and the creation of additional content.

Path Select Mode

The draft of path select mode in beta0 and beta1 has a few glaring problems: it's hard to know when you are in path select mode when there are no paths available, it's tricky to tell which path you have selected when there are paths available, and it's unclear what the path you have selected actually does (i.e. where it goes, how long it takes, and if it gets gems).

Above, you see the updated path select mode. The selected path is now textured and animated -- it's really hard to miss with the extra motion cues. Additionally, the destination portal for the selected path is shown open, and the time (and any gems) for the path are displayed in the customary way in the upper left. I also added a very clear message for when there are no paths.


For the first time ever, the shorter characters are sporting costumes. I haven't made very many yet, but it's good to see them clothed. By the way, the above is from a mode that generates spirals of random characters -- I hacked it together a while back to make a box shot for Desura (which I hope to begin using to distribute my beta builds to testers).

I've also been doing some writing for rktcr -- I started a second plotline, and did some edits on the first based on tester feedback. This is harder to illustrate with a screenshot (and gives you less to discover when you play). Rest assured: it's happening.

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