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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rktcr: Preparing for Demo1

This week, I've been preparing the next demo release of Rktcr. I expect to have the build up tomorrow. For now, all I have for you are screenshots and descriptions of a few of the refinements I've added to the game in demo1.

Tree-Style Path Select

Path selection got a major overhaul for demo1. Now it is easier to see what paths exist for a zone (and their relative lengths). Clicking on a portal will immediately select the fastest path to that portal.

Also, the opacity animation in the displayed path is really quite pretty. If I make an announcement video for demo1, I will probably dwell on it longer than necessary.

End Markers

The win markers now show whether you've beaten the par time (and your personal best). Also, there is now a distinguished lose marker for running out of time budget in a zone.

Colorful Text

Character names (and their pronouns) are now colorful. This can make dialog a bit more sensible if you pick weird/pathological names.

Time Control

I've changed the way time control works -- 'a' and 'd' still move backward and forward, but 'w' and 's' have been removed and 'ctrl' now slows time (just like 'shift' speeds it up). This change was based on feedback from Taus and Mike, and on my desire to free up 'w' and 's' for path selection.


You can now copy paths out of rktcr using Ctrl-C and paste them in with Ctrl-V. This allows for sharing of paths without having to actually find the .path file.

By way of example, the path shown above is:

1 af169 f2 cf38 f3 af65 f53 af41 f41 af13 f19 af22 f21 af17 f11 af24 f13 af47 f15 af28 f17 af100 f8 af2 f70 af3 f4 af66 f14 cf96

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