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Monday, July 15, 2013

Physics Objects on the Boundary of Death

...at least that's what the overly dramatic line in my TODO.txt said.

It's hot today and I'm feeling less than entirely energetic, but I wanted to make at least some progress on Rktcr before taking my laptop off to air-conditioned environs to wait out the afternoon.

So I finally fixed up the level vignetting so that objects falling out of the level border are masked out. (Before is on the left.) The code to do this is a complete hack, but I was feeling lazy and wanted to avoid writing convex/half-plane clipping code, so I ended up opting for a bit of extra overdraw and calling it good enough.

This ticks off another of the myriad little things that need to get done in Rktcr, and brings the game a (tiny) bit closer to release.

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