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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three New Rktcr Vehicles

Today was another day of drawing things for Rktcr. In part, this was because my remote git server was down due to a power outage, so I wanted to stay away from (mysterious prototype) and Rainbow, both of which I had most recently worked with on my laptop. Mostly, though, it was because Rktcr really did need some vehicle variety.

So here's what I got into the game today:

This vehicle skin was inspired by locomotives; the counterweight design in the wheels was to mitigate the "hammering" of the track caused by the drive piston motion. I think I struck a decent balance between ornamentation and staying true to Rktcr's flat style, though the front triangle seems a bit lacking. I might also decide to come back and tint the wheels. I tried a few tints while drawing and nothing looked quite right.

Next, I decided to head to the future. This vehicle was inspired by a whole slew of visual influences, from plates-over-machinery robot design to the circle-segment elements of the Remember Me logo. I think it came out rather well; though I find that the wheels and body can sometimes blend together.

Finally, I tried to channel a sort of present day performance car aesthetic -- some body panels for aerodynamics, but over a light tubular frame. And, of course, ridiculous low-profile tires and custom rims to round out the look. I'm honestly not sure what that exhaust system would be used for, but I liked the asymmetry.

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