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Friday, September 6, 2013

Rktcr version 3.1: User Levels

I'm pleased to announce Rktcr version 3.1, featuring the ability to load user levels, a few bugfixes, and a more paranoid startup routine. The demo version on the Rktcr web page has already been updated, and the demo and full versions should be making their way onto Desura early in the upcoming week.

Paranoid Startup

If Rktcr ever detects that it failed to make it through graphics and sound initialization, it will reset its graphics settings to something very conservative on the next load. This -- one hopes -- should work around a problem on (some) Intel GPUs where the program fails to work when antialiasing is turned on. Also, it should help to prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot by selecting unworkable settings in the configuration menu.

User Levels

(Full version only.)

The full version of Rktcr now supports loading additional challenge levels from the "%UserProfile%\rktcr\levels" (Windows) or "~/.rktcr/levels" (Linux/OSX) directory. (Or the "rktcr/userlevels" directory, if you want.)

In celebration, I've created a pack of challenge levels I call "Meditations on Bouncing":

You can download the level pack here. Though do bear in mind that the full version of Rktcr is required. (Really, shouldn't you have bought it by now?)

Level Editor

(Full version only.)

You can create your own levels by using the built-in editor -- accessible by running rktcr with the command line parameter 'edit'. I've created a tutorial series to help you muddle through the editor's undocumented features; the first of which is over here.

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