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Friday, August 16, 2013

Finishing Rktcr's Worlds

Rktcr's list of things to do before release is getting pretty spare. One of the major unfinished bullets was the creation of a few more world levels, three of which I had done already, and three of which I finished up today.

I also decided to stream the creation process, and you can watch the recordings over here. At one point I had four simultaneous viewers (though that might have just been a counting glitch).

The Levels

From left to right, I added: a zone that uses disruptable platforms in excellent (and tricky) ways; a zone all about platform straddling and momentum; and a zone that is about doing straddle jumps.

For each zone, I played through all possible paths to provide information for the world generator (and establish par times).

The above image shows the 127 paths I managed to finish out of the 144 -- that's (3 starts) x (3 ends) x (8 gravities) x (gem / no gem) -- I attempted. Creating these paths tends to take up the bulk of my level-building time; it can occasionally be frustrating, but mostly is a pretty calming experience.

It also impresses me that I'm still finding new refinements and strategies for getting the vehicle around. I think that there are folks out there who are going to connect with this game and do some amazing things.

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