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Monday, August 26, 2013

Learn to Play Rktcr

There have been a few let's plays of Rktcr recently -- which you should definitely check out -- It's really fun to see people picking up the game and getting into it.

However, the general conclusion from these folks seems to be "wow, I could definitely solve this if I had more time to put into it." You'll see a lot of failing in these videos. This led me to create my own quick Rktcr video series...

Learn To Play Rktcr

This series is aimed at teaching you (the Rktcr neophyte) basic tools and habits that will make you an effective player and -- ideally -- decrease both my frustration when I'm watching you and your frustration as you are playing.

There are ten videos in the playlist, and I feel like I really hit my stride around video four or five.

Note also that the sound quality on my webcam microphone is somewhat poor. It's listenable, but I will keep this in mind when recording future videos.

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