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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rktcr Demo3

Rktcr's third demo is now available, (actually it was out yesterday, which you would know if you followed me on twitter) with improved future visualization, a new example world, snappier dialog, and a host of little tweaks and improvements.

I'll get into just what (some of) those tweaks and improvements were in a moment. Before that, let me strongly encourage you to:

Download Demo3 now. (August 19, 2013)

Contains Windows (Vista or later; 32-bit), OSX (10.7+; 64-bit), and Linux (64-bit) builds. Requires a recent, OpenGL-capable graphics card, a few gig of memory, and a vigorous spirit.

Like previous demos, this demo corresponds to a full version (from which the above screenshots are drawn). Unlike previous demos, you should be able to actually buy this full version... soon. now, over at Desura. The price is $5 for early adopters, and will increase to $10 in about a month.


  • Future visualization is drawn using full wheels instead of lines; collision and rotation are now much easier to gauge.
  • The example world has been changed to feature levels that showcase each core movement mechanic in the game (and happen to include some of the new levels).
  • Dialog included with the demo is a different plot than previous demos, and has been re-written in a much less verbose [though perhaps not less unique] style.
  • Gems have individual appearances.
  • Font size for challenge levels and team names is larger.
  • Times now typeset with lighter leading zeros (slight readability improvement).
  • Portal glimmers and flame particles fade when travelling.
  • Gems do not change colors when travelling. (Though, for reasons of temporal mechanics, objects may still appear to shift when moving backward in time through a portal. Time's weird like that.)
  • VSYNC enabled.

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