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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rktcr: Tying Up Loose Ends

It was not so long ago that I was making a list of what needed to done for Rktcr's release. Today, I find myself with a finished list, polishing and adjusting little things.

I realize, however, that I haven't posted about two of the items on that list, despite having finished them a while ago. So this post will (briefly) remedy that.

World Trimming

This took longer than expected to finish, as I managed to run into a few world generation bugs along the way. Specifically, it turned out that my code for selecting gem/non-gem levels was modifying the wrong array, so worlds were being generated without very many (or sometimes any) non-gem zones. Fixing this revealed that that proportion of non-gem zones was too high, and so I adjusted further.

Once I got world generation working the way I wanted, trimming was relatively straightforward. I ended up going with the average score method outlined in this post.

After trimming, every zone appears in 15%-17% of 3-gem worlds; 36%-38% of 7-gem worlds; and 73%-75% of 14-gem worlds. This is about as even as I could have hoped for.


As planned, I re-wrote the script from the demo ("oracle") and added a new script ("sheriff") based on some ideas I had kicking around. Both are quite snappy -- I limited the number of lines in each scene to as close to bare minimum as I could.

I also, just today, finished a second editing pass; mainly for positioning. With this, I'm confident enough in the dialog to call it done.

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