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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rktcr Wallpapers and Posters

I've been spending most of my Rktcr-related time over the last few days sending out free copies to reviewers and lets-players. This is actually quite time-consuming, since I'm writing a new blurb for each person. I know it would be simpler to copy-paste, but it seems only fair that if they are going to invest the time to check out the game, I should invest the time to write something for just them.

However, I have put a little time into making cool assemblages of Rktcr sprites. These might work well as posters or desktop wallpapers (though they are perhaps a bit busy for a desktop with icons). Regardless, I like the way they look.

I can make these in pretty much any aspect ratio and resolution, so if you would like a custom size, let me know via e-mail or comment.


These were designed for 11x17 (top row) or 8.5x11 (bottom row) paper. Feel free to download and print.


I included some dark variants for the desktop wallpapers because, well, you never know.

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